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This site is for distributing and receiving Counterparty tokens. Enjoy token economy!

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Choose the faucet you like, enter your Counterparty address in the form and click "send". The amount to be received will be determined at random.

You cannot receive tokens without a sufficient bitcoin fee deposited. In order to charge bitcoins, press the button.

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* Send more than 0.01 SATONAKA token and the row will be highlighted in yellow for more attention. Also, depending on the amount of Satonaka token sent, the token will be placed higher on the list.


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* The transaction link may not display anything until the transaction is confirmed. In that case, check .


Until the address has sufficient token or btc balance, it won't be listed in "Receive"

* You cannot withdraw tokens or bitcoins you deposited
* If the token name, image or description is considered inappropriate, it may be taken off of the list without prior notice


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